Fredericktown Community Center

Case Statement

In 1991, citizens of Fredericktown expressed the need for a Community Center. In January 1999, a Steering Committee of community leaders, local officials, senior citizens, with the Fredericktown Recreation District and the Fredericktown Community Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c) 3, mailed a Community Center survey to each of the 3,274 households within the Recreation District. Of those responding, 81.2% supported a Community Center. Survey data may be reviewed by clicking here.

The survey results verified that Fredericktown currently lacks adequate and accessible facilities to meet the needs of its citizens. On August 19, 1999, the Fredericktown Recreation District Board of Trustees voted to proceed with the planning, design and construction of a Community Center.

The planning and design phase has incorporated the most requested facilities from the survey.

* Swimming Pool to provide year round water safety and swim programs for youth and opportunities to adult and senior citizens for aquatic exercise and therapy.

* Raised Walking Track for adults and senior citizens, promoting cardiovascular exercise.

* Banquet and Meeting Room Facilities to accommodate up to 300 people for receptions, reunions, dances, and providing needed meeting space to civic clubs and community groups.

* Gymnasium to provide youth, adult, and senior citizen athletic or recreational opportunities not available within the community.

* Fitness Room for senior citizens and adults, providing low impact exercise equipment to assist in rehabilitation and general fitness needs.

The Recreation District Board has visited and obtained valuable data from other like facilities throughout Ohio, as well as the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association. This information has allowed the Recreation District Board of Trustees to accurately assess the size and cost factors involved in the construction, operation, and maintenance of a Community Center.

This research has determined an approximate 45,000 square foot facility will be required to incorporate the needs of the community. The proposed floor plan may be reviewed by clicking here.

A swimming pool with locker rooms and showers will require 11,500 square feet. A four lane walking track, (raised) of 150 meters will require 4,350 square feet. A banquet facility seating 300 people with a full service kitchen will require 7,800 square feet. The gymnasium will require 10,500 square feet, while the fitness center will require 3,700 square feet. The remaining 5,150 square feet will provide for restrooms, lobby areas, storage throughout the center, mechanical rooms to the facility and projected future program needs, i.e. childcare, a rehabilitation center, senior citizen social room, and a game room/social room for teens.

Construction estimates total $1.9 million dollars. The Recreation District Board has concluded a three year Capital Funds Campaign to raise the $1.9 million dollars is necessary. Reaching this goal will provide for the construction and arrange for a Permanent Maintenance Endowment. The Endowment will be vested in the Fredericktown Community Foundation, a 501 (c)3. Various sources for funding will be sought to reach this goal:

.Corporate Supporters*

.Community Fund-raisers

.Grant Sources

.Private Donations

* The Dana Corporation has generously donated 16 acres to the Village of Fredericktown for the future development of Parks and Recreation. Appraised at $275,000.00, this ideal location provides exceptional infrastructure the includes 100,00 square feet of usable concrete foundation, all utilities on site and paved parking for 175 vehicles.

Estimated operating costs have been projected from actual figures provided by like facilities throughout Ohio. From this data, utility costs would be $1.70 per square foot or $64,600.00 annually. Administrative salaries for 2 full time and 4 part time employees would be $75,500.00. Programs and support would cost $22,800.00 while supplies and contractual services would add another $33,500.00. Miscellaneous expenses of $13,600.00 would bring the total estimated annual expenses to $210,000.00

The Ohio Parks and Recreation Association has indicated the Community Center can expect between 18 and 23 percent of the household participation within the projected service area. A total of 688 or 21% of the households responded to the Community Center survey. Household or family membership fees of $360.00 per year would provide $247,680.00 in operating revenue to support the Center.

Once completed, the Community Center is planned to be a self-supporting facility. Offering affordable memberships and program related fees, the Community Center will be operated throughout the Fredericktown Recreation District.

The current population within the Recreation District is 7,473 (approx.), with an annual individual median income of $19,182.00. The Ohio Parks and Recreation Association has provided additional statistics stating the Community Center can expect to draw memberships from a 12-mile radius to it's location. With these projections, the population of the service area increases to 16,858 (approx.), and total households to 5,619.

The Fredericktown Recreation District celebrated 20 years of continuous service in 2000. The Recreation District was the first of its kind in Knox County and one of the earliest established in Ohio (based on population). Offering successful programs and preserving the four Fredericktown Parks has been its responsibility. Providing the need of a Community Center to further enrich and improve the quality of life to the residents and neighbors of the District will be a privilege.